From Daughter to Mother…

It’s been seven months now since my daughter made her presence known in this world. I can still remember it like it was yesterday! The pain, pushing, and the first look at the apple of my eye. What a beautiful day that was; and I don’t mean an ordinary kind of beautiful! It was such an experience that still to this day is so hard to describe with mere words.

I am the daughter of an amazing woman, and wonderful Father! My parents have nine kids, and I’m the third oldest. Growing up with my Mother and Father was nothing less than beautiful! Of course, all families have their ups and down, and for me the downs were the best parts of my life growing up. Weird right? Let me explain; it was through the downs that we learned the most about life, family, and holding it all together.

My parents went through a lot, and it was mostly because they had nine kids. Life was rough for the two of them, yet they held it all together as if it were a walk in the park; or so it seemed to us kids.

My Dad was like any other Father that came out of East L.A., and some family members may not have liked him for that. It didn’t matter to us though, he did what he had to do. Was he perfect? Nope! He was a Father that had nine kids, and seven of us are girls. He raised us to be tough fighters, teaching us how to stand up for ourselves and each other; especially because of where we grew up. He knew it was not going to be easy for us, my Father had to raise us the way a Father should in a city as crazy as East L.A. And yet, he was kind and loving at the same time. I had the best of both worlds with him, my Dad showed me how a man should love me. I believe that’s exactly why I grew up a Daddy’s Girl!

My Mother on the other hand taught us everything else! She taught us how to be strong, how to get up when we fall, how to rise above the negativity, and how to love and trust God with everything inside of us! My Mother is my Hero, and the flame to my candle. She made my world, and I still to this day love being her daughter. She can do it all; from party planning, praying on her knees for her husband and children, cooking for us, teaching us to be strong women, and taught us to be sports fans. When I say she can do it all, I mean it! She’s truly an amazing woman! I don’t know what I would do without her! She made me who I am today! I don’t say it to boast myself up, because Lord knows I’ve been anything less than perfect! And still, she has loved me unconditionally. She has made sure that I understand the role of a woman, daughter, wife, and Mother! It’s all written on my heart in stone; and all because she instilled the word of God since I was a little girl. I can only pray to be half the Mother she is, and hope to instill in my daughter all that she has taught me and more!

This is my love letter to my parents, and I thank you for being so good to us!

Dear Mom & Dad,

I’ve waited 37 years to say these words to you both. Mostly because I’ve finally understood everything that they’ve ever done for us now that I’m a Mother! I know now it wasn’t easy, and yes y’all stumbled a few times; but, you’ve gotten up together, and finished the race. Now you’ve been promoted to GrandParents and I truly hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I hope y’all have enjoyed this short and sweet version of the first 37 years of my life. I welcome you to enjoy this next chapter. #ThisIsMommyLife👸🏽 So let’s enjoy it!

With love, and encouragement



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