Breastfeeding Challenge

So I’ve breastfed my little Princess since she was born. The moment the doctor put her on my chest, she latched on in minutes and it’s all she’s wanted. My LO (little one) won’t take a bottle or even a pacifier. So getting things done has really been a challenge.

She’s definitely attached to me, and refuses to go with anyone else. Well except Daddy of course. I’m starting to try to make her a little more independent now, and I want her to be able to be ok with me not being in the same room with her. It’s crazy because she won’t even go with my Mom, and I know it makes my Mother sad. The moment I get up she looks at me like; “You get up, and I’m going to cry!”  Then I feel bad of course and pick her up so she won’t cry. I want to show her love, but I also don’t want to create a monster in the process.

I was at the doctors the other day and I seen the picture above and just had to turn it into a blog, and do a fun little edit on it as well. Not only did the painting speak to me, it was a beautiful moment captured of a Mother nurturing her child. I realized not a lot of women can handle breastfeeding. Seeing this picture made me feel happy inside, because I’ve come so far in this area. It’s my connection with my little Princess, this is how she knows I’m Mommy, and she’s my baby! Although it is really tough to stick with, I’m definitely glad I have stuck it out this long.

So I’ve had a few people ask how I was able to do it this long. All I can really say I followed when I looked it up was; eat lots of oatmeal and drink plenty of water. Some of the Mommies I know that breastfeed as well say they even bake oatmeal cookies. I’m guessing that does help because those just happen to be my favorite cookie. Make sure to eat lots of veggies as well and fruit. I haven’t had a problem with lactating, I’ve always had more than enough for my LO. So I try to continue doing what works.

I am going to start working out this Monday I’m hoping that my Princess will learn to love it as well. I hear this can help with her becoming more independent and it gives her a healthier lifestyle. Plus her Daddy is a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu, and an undefeated fighter in MMA; so you know that fitness is in her jeans. That’s going to be another blog though.

If anyone has any tips or advice for breastfeeding, healthy recipes, and ways I can get my LO to be more independent feel free to leave them in the comments section. I thank you ahead of time, and I thank you for taking the time out to read my journey through  Motherhood.

With love, and encouragement 



8 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Challenge

      • Kim says:

        awwww! my lo is 10 months 🙂 he started getting pretty “clingy” to me around that same age (& still very much is) but from what I’ve read it’s totally normal & actually happens so that when they learn to walk they will naturally not stray too far from mama ❤ I find that he is actually more independent when I'm NOT with him lol – when I'm there he is attached to my hip & when he sees me leave he cries for a few mins but then he's Mr. Tough Stuff 🙂 *also I secretly love that he thinks I'm the coolest person he knows HAHA!

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      • TeamLoza says:

        Lol.. Awww!! Yup, my baby girl is the same way!! She is actually a lot better at letting me get things done now. As long as she can at least see me or her Daddy she stays calm now. I really am grateful that she is going to be close to me though hehe..

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  1. Rob says:

    As far as separation anxiety you must do it in stages and not give in. Kids learn what we teach them. She’s not the anxious one, it’s you actually lol. Both my son’s were the same way, screemed bloody murder at bed and whenever I would leave. You just have to go and not be dramatic about it and make it a big deal. Start with going on one room and coming right back. No words!! Go into the room stay longer, etc. Your husband or mom should be holding her back. Ues, restraint. As she learns nothing happens, go longer, go farther. It’s simple classical conditioning, you can look that up. Remember, quiet, sustained, no talking on your part. A little encouragement on dad’s or mom part, but minimal. Trust me, problem solved in days. I taught my kids cleaning up, safety rewards and consequences this way. It works but you can’t break down the first scream you hear. And no turning around! Lol, you’ll thank me later

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      • Rob says:

        You are quite welcome! Remember consistency and ignore the noise, she’s not dying neither will you. That much stress is killing her. Oh, one more thing the person with her should use distraction or toy, tv, walking around with her. Minimal conversation about the fact you left. Once you start you can never go bsck!

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