Raising Love

We try our best to teach our children about love. Mostly because it’s a huge part of life. Sometimes we can let our every day lives get in the way of showing our kids what’s really important. Especially with the way hate is spread out in so many ways nowadays.

Be the love that teaches your siblings how to love someone!

Growing up with 8 siblings was such a blast. Of course we had our ups and downs like all siblings do. Yet, the love for us was always there. We could fight and be mad at each other but the moment an outsider would try to bully or disrespect one of our siblings it was over. We had each other’s back, always! That is what my husband and I try to teach our kids. To stand up and stick with each other through the thick and thin, the good and bad.

Isn’t it always Mom that has to be in the middle of it all? The love and battles of sibling hood!

My husband and I actually grew up together, so we’ve been in each other’s lives for a long time. We’ve only been married for going on 5 years now, but the love was always there. It’s crazy how life turns out. Before we were married my husband had 4 other kids, so my daughter was blessed to already have siblings in her life. She is closest with her big brother in the photo on top. They absolutely love each other.

When I found out I was going to give birth I was nervous because I didn’t want my step son to ever feel like he was going to be left out because we were having a baby. I was so happy that he was happy he was going to have a little sister. Although, he really wants a little brother and keeps asking when we’re giving him one.

He has been such a huge help to us and especially for his little sister. He sings to her, plays with her, and loves to hold her in his arms since she was born. This is the love we hope to keep in their hearts forever!

I cherish these moments of watching them grow in love!

I believe we learn how to love others by our siblings. Our parents teach us how to be loved.

Growing up, how we see our parents interact with one another is very important. If we see our parents show each other love, it opens a child’s eyes on how they should be loved. We want them to know how to appreciate their spouse, love their spouse, and do acts of kindness for each other. What good is it to be married and not be happy? Not only does it poison a marriage, but also poisons the children’s minds on how to love and respect their future spouse.


If all they see in their parents is anger, fighting, and/or bitterness that’s exactly what they grow up to be like; or they’ll want to be the opposite of it. Who wants their children growing up thinking their parents hated each other? Why wouldn’t we want them to see the best of us?

I know things happen, and well sometimes things don’t end up working out for the parents, but should that stop us from being the best example we can for our children? If anything that should make the parents want nothing more than to make the children know their still very loved, and life will still go on.

I really hope this read was a good one for you. My husband and I are not perfect, and what we go through we share with the ones we love. Being parents is not an easy task. I believe mostly because now you have a little one(s) looking at what you do; as well as looking up to you for guidance in life. Hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with you family and hope that the love doesn’t end because the holiday did.

With Love & Encouragement



16 thoughts on “Raising Love

  1. Rob says:

    I’ve been meaning to come back and comment. What a lovely family you have! Seriously God blessed you all with great genes–I happen to be smitten with your sister on the far left–aye carumba! My kind of woman. Anyway, I think it’s absolutely critical what you say about teaching about love, not just showing it. Your kids are blessed to have such an attentive, doting mother. Nicely written. Hope that your training is going well. Feel free to mention me to your absolutely gorgeous sister–on the far left of the first photo HAHAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TeamLoza says:

      Lol.. Thank you so much!! What I’ve learned about love from my parents, I try my best to teach my kids that same kind of love. My sister is already married. Lol.. Or, I would have definitely introduced the two of you! Hehe..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rob says:

        Darn, such is my life. Lucky guy that man, he better take good care of her or I’ll kick his ass. I’ll find my M16 somewhere haha. Let’s get some more writing done Mommy!

        Liked by 1 person

      • TeamLoza says:

        Lol.. He does, they’ve been doing life for over 10 years now. She’s an ER nurse and he’s a fireman, so they both take very good care of each other!! 😁 I’m working on some writing now. We’ve been planning a 60th b-day party for my Dad and yesterday it finally happened, so now I’m focused on my writing. 😜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Rob says:

        Awesome, I look forward to your post. Mine is only 7 years away…ugh! That’s nice they are together so long. Maybe one day I’ll be able to have that.


      • TeamLoza says:

        Wow, only 7 years away! You definitely have to plan something special for that day.

        I’m sure you will meet the right woman when the time is right. I believe when everything is good it’s because the timing is right. I’m a recovered alcoholic since 2009 and crazy thing was I never thought I’d ever stop drinking. When I finally did stop that’s when I realized what was most important in life. I’m just super glad I didn’t have my daughter till now.

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