Keeping Family Traditions!

I love, love, love all things Mexican. Really I do!

This month is my Father’s 60th Birthday, so we planned him a surprise Birthday party at an old school Mexican restaurant in East L.A. called El Mercadito.

Bienvenidos Al Mercadito 3rd floor dinning and Mariachi show

We’ve been coming here since we were kids, so we just had to take it way back for my Dad’s 60th B-day! He loves Mariachis! He was completely surprised, and even showed some emotion at the beginning of the night. The moment he seen all his kids/grandkids there, it was over tears of joy came down. It was awesome to see my Dad so happy! Especially when he thought it was going to be dinner for 6, and turned out to be dinner for 30+. That’s only our immediate family too. We’re kinda a big deal! 

That’s my dad with the big sombrero!! He goes along with his kids, we love that about our Dad!!


Not only was it an opportunity to go back in time, but to introduce my Princess to our culture; as well as my childhood. Although she is still to young to remember it in the future, we wanted her to get used to our cultural environment. East L.A. is where I was born and raised, so she has to get to know my neighborhood. 

Yes, we all took turns taking pictures with the sombrero! Who doesn’t like taking pictures wearing a sombrero?! Lol..

See, even our handsome little stud wanted in on it! Hehe..

So at the beginning our LO was totally terrified by the new environment. Then after about 10 minutes being there she was mesmerized by the Mariachis playing. I sat with her in the front and she wouldn’t stop staring. My little girl has loved music since she was in my belly! I’ve played her all types of music with headphones when she was in my womb. So naturally she became a lover of music. 

This was my Princess after the party, she was still feeling the vibes. She absolutely loves her drum and already learned a beat from my big brother!

Anyways, enough showing off my Princesses musical talents. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog the dinner.

I really enjoyed seeing my little girl enjoy herself. Her big brother is already a big fan of this place. Especially the shopping part because they sell a ton of cool clothes, hats, toys, and his favorite “lucha libre masks” on the second and first floor. He always has to come back home with a new one. It’s a father and son thing! Which reminds me; I need to get a picture of them wearing their masks. I still don’t have one. 

Here’s big brother holding little sister!! He really loves his baby sister, and loves holding her every chance he gets. It’s fun to watch them during playtime. They’re just too cute!

My favorite part of the night (especially because my last blog is about “raising love”) was the dance. My parents danced to their favorite song; which also reminds my Father of my Grandparents who have unfortunately already passed. It’s called; Amor Eterno, by Juan Gabriel. This song always gets us right smack in the throat, we can’t get through this song without getting emotional. My grandparents legacy of being in love, and loving your family still lives on! 

My parents dancing to their favorite song!

This was the beso at the end of the dance! This is who I learned how to be loved and express it with true passion!


What a night it was and I cannot forget to mention how delicious the food was! My baby girl loved the rice and beans. She ate it all up! I’m really happy she did enjoy herself here, her big brother made sure to make it fun for her too. Family is truly a blessing from above and I thank God for the family I’ve got! Life wouldn’t be the same without them! 

This is my heart out of my body! Don’t mind our baby girls eyes closed. Haha.. This was the best I could do with baby boy running around with his cousins; and, our Princess not wanting to look at the camera. Not kidding when I say she was completely into the Mariachis.

I will end this blog with this:

Family is important! Us as parents must insist on making our family our first priority, and put them above all things in this world. My Dad has always been a loving Father, even on his bad days. His heart was always in the right place, regardless of mistakes. We all make mistakes! I’m just grateful to have my Dad, and even more grateful that my Husband has always been close with him; even before we were married.

My Husband unfortunately lost his father in 1996, so he missed out on his Dad teaching him how to be a man. Although, he did an excellent job for the short time he lived. I thank my Father in law for the man my husband is today! He taught him that marriage is forever, and to fight for your family! As well as fight in the ring! I have my very own bodyguard thanks to him! 

This was us for Papa Loza’s B-day! You’re always missed and in our hearts! Our kids will know you, even if they don’t get to meet you!

Life is short so love the family your given; and treat each other right! We never know when we’ll take our last breath. Keep the family gatherings alive, and always say sorry when your wrong! Don’t leave each other angry and most importantly never forget to say “I love you!”

Here’s to you Daddy and I hope we have you with us for many more years! You’ve been a great Dad and you’ve always been there whenever we needed you! I especially love how much my Princess loves you and loves being around you! When you walk in the room she lights up with happiness and a huge smile automatically comes on her face! We love you big! 

Happy Birthday to an amazing Father & Grandfather! We love you so much!!

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog, sorry it took so long to write! I’m a busy Mommy and I try my best to write while my baby girl sleeps. She’ll be 1 year old very soon, and before I know it she’ll be walking too. So I cherish these moments of her by my side. Have a wonderful day! Next stop, Daddy’s neighborhood! 

For now we hang up our hat and say goodbye!!

With Love & Encouragement



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