Coffee and Painting 

When my Princess sleeps I have some me time! My two favorite things to do; drink coffee and paint. It’s so soothing and regenerates me for when my baby girl wakes up and wants to play again. I also started exercising and she loves our Mommy & Baby work outs in the morning. Only thing is I dislike the soarness you get from working out. Ouch!!! Hope y’all are having a great weekend!  


Stay safe, have fun, and be creative!! 

With Love & Encouragement 



5 thoughts on “Coffee and Painting 

  1. Rob says:

    Pain is weakness leaving the body! Learn to love that pson, it’s making you stronger! Also art? You paint? Why aren’t you posting your work on your blog? I want to see it, immediatey!!

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    • TeamLoza says:

      Yes, that is very true! I just dislike the first two days of soarness and struggling to sit and stand lol.. I do love to paint and do tons of diy projects, I will post a blog about it and show the cool things I’ve created with my own hands. Hehe.. I’m definitely going to shout you out that you asked for it.. 😜

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      • TeamLoza says:

        Thank you Rob! I do like getting to know everyone as a whole as well!! Blogging helps, I love reading and seeing everyone’s talents. I seen a blog recently of a Mommy who did an awesome diy b-day party for her daughter. I’m planning my baby girls party and trying to get it done in 4 months. Hehe..

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      • Rob says:

        She’s lucky to have such a caring and affectionate mother. I hope you have stuck to your training plan and the results are wonderful?


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