Mommy & Me Play Dates 

So this Monday a few of us Mommies had a get together at a really neat restaurant in Melrose; West Hollywood, California area called “Au Fudge“. We wanted a kid friendly place that we can all catch up as well as our kids be able to play together and have a great time. Let me tell you that’s exactly what we did! We all caught up and had a blast!

Two are my cousins and the rest are my sisters; a few of the other kiddos were in school.

With kids it’s always challenging to find a place that’s kid friendly, and this is an amazing kid friendly place. They have a kids play spot; where they also host classes and adorable events for the kids while the parents chill and have some adult time. 

Melrose; West Hollywood, California. Au Fudge a great place to meet up with friends and family, where your kids can have fun and be creative.

As parents we are always so busy with our kids and sometimes adult time is needed. Planning Mommy & Baby play dates are a great way to enjoy time for ourselves; and great for our kids to enjoy play time with cousins or friends.

This place brought so much joy to the kids hearts as well as ours. We hadn’t seen our cousins in a while too. So the catching up part was super fun! We didn’t get very many pics except the few I’m posting here. I guess when you’re having a good time you forget about taking pics.

The food was so good! I had the grass fed black angus beef burger and I loved it! It was so tasty and huge! The fries were pretty darn tasty too!! It was not expensive either. Their prices are very reasonable.

Grass fed black angus beef burger. Both fries and burger were super tasty!

I try my best to feed my LO healthy food so I went with the kids Veggie Bowl with cous cous. Boy, oh boy did she enjoy it. It was the cutest thing watching her eat it too. She was so adorable, especially with the little balls of cous cous falling out of her mouth once in a while lol.

This was the kids Veggie Bowl with cous cous. The veggies are seasonal so the veggies do change.

And don’t get me started on the yummy desserts!! My favorite was the mixed berry cobbler!! Oh My Gosh was it a delicious dessert! I just had to order two of them. It was the cutest little set up too! The cobbler was served in a tiny little bath tub filled with yummy goodness!! It also had a scoop of vanilla ice cream that made it that much more better. 

This is the mixed berry cobbler. They seen how much the kids loved the ice cream so they added a extra little scoop on the second one.

 They also serve what’s called a plate of cookies. I ordered that as well for the kiddos. I love me some fresh baked cookies so I had to try them too. You know I got a bite of each cookies. I was definitely satisfied with all of them! 

This was their plate of cookies. If you plan a date there you must try them! They’re so good!

I really can’t forget to mention how awesome the service was. We had two male Servers and they were super sweet. They were good to our kids and made sure our visit was a good one. We even arrived late to our reservation and they still made sure our visit was enjoyable. I absolutely love places that have great servers/service.

I recommend this place if you’re ever in the Melrose area with your kids, or if you’re planning a Mommy & baby play date. We’re definitely going back again. 

My latte for the day. A bit nutty and wonderful fragrance.

Mommy’s and Daddy’s parenting can be very hectic at times; I’m sure we’ve all learned this. I truly suggest setting up Mommy/Daddy & Baby play dates; or even just family play dates. Being around other parents can be such a wonderful blessing. Not just for the fun, but it gives us a chance to listen and learn how different; yet the same it is for us parents.

In my 20’s I loved to travel and moved around from state to state and not having kids was sometimes lonely, but I also knew people who did have kids but lived far away from family. So if that’s the case for you weather you’re away from family, a single parent, or even a stay at home parent and in need of adult time; there are plenty of wonderful family Facebook pages and or groups that you can join and get to know other parents in your area. Perhaps even meet up for coffee breaks as well.

If you need help finding groups or pages feel free to follow mine “This Is Mommy Life FB Page“; or if your more of a life through your lens person follow my Instagram “Mrs.Mommy.Loza IG” and we can help you find groups in your area.

Sometimes all we need is a ear to hear, give/get advice to a parent that can use it, or share what we’re going through to lighten the load. After all we’re all in this together!

I truly hope you enjoyed reading my blog, and I hope this day finds you in good health and full of happiness. Always wishing the best to my readers and their little ones.

Stay blessed, have fun, and be creative. 


With Love &a Encouragement



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