Relax… Spills Happen

Relax.. Spills happen…

Though spills can happen, and the house can get messy; don’t let it leave you stressing.

Be happy and blessed for the house that can hold a mess, the baby who will spill, and the love that you’ll feel.

Never let another make you feel less than your worth, because they’re fighting a battle that is way worse!

Trials reveal your true friends, and family fueds can always be mended.

Take a seat, and a moment to breathe.. The days are just starting for everything to come together like the Lord intended.

Everyone’s paths are different, so don’t get lost in other people’s missions.. 

Just a friendly reminder…

Sometimes in life we hear negative thoughts from people who think their teaching you something good. Don’t let their negativity rub off on you. Be positive, be a blessing, and always; always “Do Good!”

You’re a good person so don’t change who you are, for what people think you should be. If anything pray for them to find their true path that is intended for them. God doesn’t put people in your path that only want to criticize you or “teach” you. Especially if they themselves cannot be taught.

God’s greatest teaching is Love! So if you can show and sow Love you’re already on the right path! So keep on keeping on! You’re children, friends, spouse, family, and even your enemies need to see and learn that Love from you.

Hope this night finds you in good health and full of Love to give!! Life is too short to live unhappy and always pointing the finger at everyone else’s mistakes. If that is all we continue to do we’ll never have time to make our own world beautiful!! No matter how much we pretend!!! 

Sisterhood is finding people who uplift you when your down, and encourages you to be all that you’re meant to be with love…

With Love & Encouragement Always,



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