First off, I need to say this; Congrats on this great milestone of your life! It’s definitely a blessing to become a Mother! Being a Mom is so not an easy task. It’s beyond an insane roller coaster too. It’s so many wonderful things wrapped up in one title.

I just want to welcome y’all on the journey of Motherhood!! As many know it’s a challenging calling to ever have in your lifetime. On this blog I will definitely be real, raw, and uncut! So don’t expect this blog to be one that pulls a fog screen over your eyesight either.

I want to share what real Motherhood looks like, feels like, and truly does to a Mother. So be prepared to have some good laughs, tears, joy, and even some “Oh no’s!!” I truly hope you enjoy this milestone with me; as well as share some of yours too!! Whether a new Mom, Mother of many, or even thinking & trying to become a Mom please share this journey with me!!

With Love & Encouragement



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